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Initial Release of Beer Tasting and Hop Appreciation Kit (9/26/07)

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General Information was started in November of 2006 and is privately owned and operated in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to provide our customers with everything they need to appreciate their beer to its fullest and to broaden their horizons in the appreciation of beer.

Product Reviews

The Brew Site

" It’s a clever, innovative kit, targeting the beginner, and the Taste Your Beer folks have put some good thought into the design, the packaging, and the contents appropriately."

Bike Beer Bar-B-Q (video review)

" I think this is a great idea. Too many people, and I’m part of the group, don’t take the time to learn about the beer they drink. This is a good tool to help you improve your beer tasting ability. In the 1 month or so that I’ve had it I have gotten a bit better at identifying the various hops in the beers I’m drinking."

BrewMaine at Associated Content

" The kit would certainly go a long way towards turning a non-believer, a beer novice, or a wine snob, into someone who appreciates the unrivaled depth and variety good beer has to offer (if nothing else, it makes a great beer present for your father-in-law...)."

A Good Beer Blog

" I do think it is useful to smell the various jars of hops and compare one from another to learn there is a difference in scent."

Other People's Experiences

Events For

Great American Beer Festival (Denver, CO) October 11 - 13 2007

World Beer Festival (Durham, NC) October 6, 2007

Cincinnati Brew Ha-Ha (Cincinnati, OH) August 24 - 25 2007

Addison Oktoberfest (Dallas, TX) September 22 - 23 2007



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